Ufront API Documentation

Ufront is an open source client-server web framework for Haxe. This API documentation includes all the classes used in the various Ufront libraries.

The menu on the left only shows the ufront package, which is where most of the good stuff is.The API documentation for any dependencies is included in the search and in links in the documentation, but is hidden from the menu to avoid clutter.

package mconsole


This console implementation assumes the availability of the WebKit console. We inline calls to the native API rather than simply creating an extern so we can add additional console methods (such as enterDebugger). This also means we can convert some Haxe structures (XML for example) into something more readable in the console.


An enum defining possible colors for console output.


Macro helpers for the console package.


A Printer that prints formatted logs to an HTML element.


A console printer that prints formatted logs to stdout, or a file if path is provided when created.


Log levels are a way for developers to group and filter log messages depending on the kind of information being logged.


A ConsolePrinter is responsible for printing the output of the Console. Messages can be printed at different LogLevels and at different indentations. Implementations can also define activate/deactivate behavior when they are set/unset as the current console printer using Console.setPrinter()


A base ConsolePrinter implementation for functionality shared by FlashConsolePrinter, HTMLConsolePrinter and CommandLineConsolePrinter.


A utility class for formatting stack traces as strings.


A utility class for formatting stack items as strings.


A utility class for working with shell styles. Each method returns a string wrapped by a start and end style sequence. Note that styles will only apply when the environment variable CLICOLOR is set.