Ufront API Documentation

Ufront is an open source client-server web framework for Haxe. This API documentation includes all the classes used in the various Ufront libraries.

The menu on the left only shows the ufront package, which is where most of the good stuff is.The API documentation for any dependencies is included in the search and in links in the documentation, but is hidden from the menu to avoid clutter.

package ufront.log


Logger module that prints to a JS console, either on the client directly, or on the server by adding a JS snippet to the output.


Trace module that logs traces to a file.


A Message contains information similar to a trace, but also adds a MessageType to differentiate messages by severity.


A class that can be used to take messages, and either push them to an array, or process them immediately.


A simple enum to differentiate the severity of the message being logged.


This logger uses the original trace that was in place before the HttpApplication.init() was called.


A UFLogHandler that sends traces from a server to the client's browser console during a Ufront remoting API call.


Trace module that prints to the server console where it makes sense to do so.