Ufront API Documentation

Ufront is an open source client-server web framework for Haxe. This API documentation includes all the classes used in the various Ufront libraries.

The menu on the left only shows the ufront package, which is where most of the good stuff is.The API documentation for any dependencies is included in the search and in links in the documentation, but is hidden from the menu to avoid clutter.

package ufront.view


A UFViewEngine that loads views from the filesystem on the web server.


A UFViewEngine that loads views over HTTP.


TemplateData is a collection of named data to be used in a template.


A TemplatingEngine is a simple typedef defining how to use a given templating engine.


This class provides some shortcut definitions to common templating engines in the Haxe eco-system.


A type representing a template that is ready to render a template with the given TemplateData.


A UFViewEngine is responsible for providing a ready-to-execute UFTemplate for a given template path.